Anonymous Physician, et al v. Farber; Anonymous Physician, et al v. Korda


Each case involved a deceased patient of a cardiologist and his cardiology group whose estate claimed alleged medical malpractice. Summary judgment on the statute of limitations was sought by the medical providers represented by Eichhorn & Eichhorn, LLP. The estate claimants argued tolling of the statute of limitations.


The Honorable John Pera of the Lake Superior Court granted full summary judgment in each case on February 18, 2019. Each estate claimant then filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals. But after consolidation of the appeals and the filing of the court record and transcripts, the estate claimants agreed to dismiss their respective appeals with prejudice rather than file their consolidated Appellants’ Brief. The Court of Appeals dismissed both appeals with prejudice on May 20, 2019.

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