Jeffreys v. New York Law firm


The Jeffreys sought to hold their New York lawyers liable in a suit filed in Indiana when their adoption of an Indiana child went awry.


Dismissal of the New York Law firm for lack of in personam jurisdiction, which was affirmed on appeal.

Here, Eichhorn represened a New York law firm that has assisted its New York clients in adopting a baby. When the clients decided to adopt the baby of an Indiana mother and it was determined that the adoption would be finalized in Indiana, the New York law firm recommended an Indiana firm to assist its clients. The clients terminated the relationship with the New York firm, hired the Indiana firm, and directed the New York firm to forward its file and release their escrow fund to the Indiana firm. After the adoption took place, the clients learned that the adopted child had severe medical problems. They filed a lawsuit in Indiana against a number of parties, including the New York law firm.  Eichhorn represented the New York firm and which sought to dismiss the claims against it for lack of personal jurisdiction. The trial court agreed and dismissed the claims.  The matter was appealed, resulting in the Indiana Court of Appeals finding that the trial court had properly dismissed the New York firm for lack of personal jurisdiction.

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